Obid Art

In my fictional world of art and literature, Obid is a world parallel to that of Charleston, South Carolina. The name derives from Obed, a river gorge near where I grew up in East Tennessee, and Ibid, meaning “in the same place.”

Obid is post apocalyptic. The Internet is down, the harbor has gone dry, and the air is toxic, but scientists have learned to prolong life—this makes for many problems. My illuminated novel The Obidian Interval is an adventure story and a cautionary tale set in this environment. I’m working on a sequel called The Trek to Houkathunk, in which some of the characters make it Out West for further adventures in how to survive troubling conditions with dignity.

On this site, I'll post updates on my illuminated novels.
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My favorite media is cut paper, but I also make prints, artist’s books and freestanding figures ranging in height from 6 inches to 6 feet. Southern Gothic literature is a lasting inspiration.

Jesus was the Jagged Shape in the Back of his Mind (2012)
inspired by Wise Blood, Flannery O'Connor


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